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College of St. Bartholomews

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1/9/06 09:11 pm - mauvedragon

St Monica's College invites you to join them for an A &S Workshop.
Date: Thursday 12th January
Time: 11am - 4 pm

Bring food or money for lunch from the milk bar.

Public transport: Clayton station (Cranbourne/Pakenham line) is within half
an hour walk from the house or you can catch the 703 or 733 buses from the
station. For any other assistance with travel please contact me prior to the

This is a time to work ongoing projects, or start new projects. If you
haven't made garb before we will have people who will be able to help (except for complex late period garb).

There are a couple of sewing machines available to use.

No fabric? No worries. St Mon's is looking to construct garments for hospit in a variety of sizes. If you make a garment in your size for hospit it will be made available to you to wear at some events.

St Mon's A&S officer

8/18/05 10:46 am - pearl

Saint Bartholomew's Feast!

The Incipient College of Saint Bartholomew is celebrating their
traditional patron saint of bee-keeping by holding a pot-luck feast!
Why do we want to celebrate being named after a beekeeper?
Well, bees make honey, honey makes mead, and mead makes everyone happy!

Date: Tuesday, 23rd August
Time: 5pm– 8pm
Place: Rehearsal Room — Frank Tate Building — Melbourne University
(Campus map grid reference 20J)
Cost: A gold coin donation
Garb: Yes, please make an attempt at pre-17th century clothing.

Don't forget to bring a medieval costume to wear, a plate of food and
implements to eat food with.
Also, please refrain from bringing food that needs to be refrigerated
or heated, as we don't have any kitchen facilities.

Remember, if you need any help with anything, such as more directions,
spare feasting gear or clothes, don't hesitate to ask Ásfrídhr
(Rebecca) r.lucas2@...

Useful websites to visit:
Campus map:
Parking on Campus?
What food to bring to a pot luck?
What utensils to bring to a pot luck?
What clothes to wear to an event?

6/25/05 04:46 pm - pearl - Mid Winter Feast!!

Exams are over, and there is a big feast coming up!

Stormholds' Winter Feast, on Saturday July 23rd, has a theme of Bruegel's painting of The Wedding Feast, which means hearty Dutch food and a warm hall.

St. Barts is planning to have a table, so you can sit with people you already know. Heck, you know the fantastic woman who is the steward of the event -- she's the wonderful Karen who came for the cloak workshop!

When? 5-11pm, Saturday July 23, 2005
Where? in the Lower Hall,
Sophia Mundi School,
95 Nicholson St, Abbotsford

Steward: Sara van der Hoven (Karen Hovenga)
email: khovenga@tpg.com.au
Phone:(03) 9428 7706 or 0417 596 524

How much? Members $20 ($15 concession) until 1 July,
then $25 ($20). Non members add $5.
Children under 10 free.
St. Barts members are considered members, and if you offer to help with preparing, cleaning, or serving food you'll get an even cheaper rate! You can't go to a restaurant and eat this much and so well for so little! =D

How to pay: Please make cheques (or money orders) payable to SCA Stormhold or contact the booking steward for bank details.
Bookings close 15 July.

Contact; Ava del Mas (Meaghan Luc) email:
aste@primus.com.au Phone: (03) 5342
0225 or 0403 506 663

If you want to know what painting this Brughel-guy did, there's a link to it here: http://abbotsford.sca.org.au/stormhold/peasantw

Take care,

5/29/05 07:59 pm - pearl - Results of the 'Great Fabric Swap Meet'

Hi all,
After attending the fabric swap meet, I now have 3 boxes bursting of fabric just dying to be used by St. Barts members.

It was very kindly donated by people there and both them and I would love to see it put to use (instead of taking up space at my place) so, here's my plan:

First week back at uni for semester two: (Tuesday, July 26th)
The St. Barts Stitch n' Bitch.
No excuses, I'll be bringing fabric, a sewing machine, measuring tapes, scissors, thread etc. And you will be making _something_ that you will use.

Tunics, gowns, pants, hats, cloaks, capes, hoods, pouches, if it was made from fabric and you want it -- make it! Bring along your ideas and enthusiasm and see what we can do!

Everything in the boxes will be free for use, to a good home where it'll be worn occasionally to events. When you decide you want to wear something else, please donate the clothes back to the college though. :)

About a month later, we will be having our patron saint, Saint Bartholomew's feast day! (Officially August 24th)
It depends if room bookings will be available in the evening if this event will be held on a Tuesday lunctime or evening (August 23rd), and this will be the perfect time for you to wear your new, spiffy garb!

Good luck with essays and exams, and have a swell swot vac.

Asfridhr Ulfvidhardottir
Seneschal of the Proposed College of St. Barts

5/16/05 10:20 pm - pearl

Upcoming events for the next two weeks:

Tuesday, 17th May 2005
A cloak making workshop is going to be held, however bookings must be made in advance as there is a limited amount of fabric.
Cost: Min. $10, for material
Where: Joe Nap B, 2nd floor, Union House

Tuesday 24th May 2005
Last meeting for the semester. Am general 'try to get projects done before exam stress hits' sort of meeting
Where: Joe Nap B, 2nd floor, Union House

After that, it's swot vac and winter holidays, so have fun!
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